Size: 7,500 sqft

Notice an air of antiquity hidden amidst this modern interior: be it the chest at the hall, the large twin armoires or rattan chairs at the dining, amongst other prized heirlooms collected by the owner’s parents. It is a privilege for designers to have meaningful and beautiful materials to work into a renovation. On top of this, the owner himself collects notable Asian artworks, most of them lively and joyful. Putting two together, you have a rich inventory revealing hints of stories throughout this home. Each item is vigilantly positioned to best show their beauty while coexisting coherently with the newly curated set of modern furniture and decorative lamps.

It is worth nothing that the owner is moving into a house he grew up in. Although much of its layout remain functional, some were boldly revamped to maximize its use and cater to the family of three; including allowing one to access the kitchen from both sides of house, creating new lounge spaces for entertaining both outdoors and indoors as well as play spaces for the vivacious little ones.

Master bathroom
Walk-in closet
Family room
Living room
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