Just as artisans craft each design by hand, Artesa (Catalan-speak for ‘artisan’) weaves together the elements—volumes, textures, colours, lights, ergonomics, human habits—to mould interiors into homes.

As a design consultancy, Artesa brings a touch of finesse into every living space. Our quest for beauty, balance, and harmony is expressed in the strict symmetry of space alignment, the finest difference between two shades of grey, and even the appropriate diameter of a door hinge.

With an enviable portfolio of residential designs across Asia, ranging from studio units to sprawling landed properties, Artesa bring a wealth of experience to the making of any home. We constantly redefine much-visited themes—classical, modernist, traditional, eclectic, or contemporary—so as to cultivate the best elements of a site and tailor a home that truly personifies you.

Alexis Yong
Founder and Group Managing Director
Design Principal

Over the last two decades, Alexis has established himself as a professional design consultant, serving the likes of long-term clients such as Maybank, OCBC, UOB Bank, Singtel and StarHub. His strong aesthetic sense, knack for technical details, and excellent project management capabilities have won him accolades from clients including China Taiping Insurance (client for 15 years), Lei Shing Hong (client for 19 years),
Maybank (client for 12 years), OCBC (client for 8 years) and ADM (client for 8 years). He has also advised Maybank international to complete the Bank office set up at Singapore, Myanmar and Cambodia.

Alexis designs’ have garnered awards, including the Green Mark Award (Gold Plus) for the offices of Air Liquide. Both his work on ARINC and Future Electronics were also nominated for Singapore’s top design accolade, the President’s Design Award. To date, he has completed projects worthover S$50 million.

Sophanith Pou
CEO (Cambodia)

After a decade of studying and working in the United States, Sophanith returned to Cambodia to work for its furniture and interior design industry. With his strong design skills and ability to manage renovation projects, he has completed many interior design works over the years, including apartments and villas.

In 2011, he opened an interior design company, Key Interior, and also became a part of his family business, Neak Poan Home Center. Started in 1987, this has become one of the largest well known furniture stores in Cambodia and a veritable icon in the country. Today, it runs showrooms for major international brands for both medium to high end furniture.

Veg Ong
Associates Director

From developing design solutions to overseeing their construction, and managing projects from start to finish, Veg has worked on them all in his close to two decades of working in the interior design industry. He has overseen the development of Courts Singapore’s 136,000 sq ft retail store
(worth S$3.5 million) as well as the 120,000 sq ft local regional office when BAX Global and DB Schenker merged. In 2015, he completed Maybank’s head office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, a 115,000 sq ft project valued at over US$5 million.

Whether on projects in Singapore or overseas, or for homegrown brands or multinationals, Veg applies design thinking to find the most appropriate solution for the client’s needs.

Aizuddin Bin Masnan
Senior Contract Manager

With close to a decade of work experience and a building surveying degree from the University Technology Mara (UiTM), Aizuddin brings a professional eye to processes including sourcing for sub-contractors and supplies, pricing and preparation of tender submissions, and the evaluation of price comparisons and costings.

He has been engaged by clients as a quantity surveyor to prepare and evaluate the Bill of Quantity (BOQ) as well as evaluated variation cots and recommended the final claim for projects. Over the years, Aizuddin’s clients have included Maybank, OCBC, Starhub, Singtel, Port of Singapore Authority and Technoform. His biggest project value to date is over US$5 million.