Size: 2000 sqft

loathed for their less-than-perfect layout, dated kitchen, bathrooms, doors and windows. This is especially if the master bedroom’s door opens to the foyer and striking green window sills surround the perimeter of your home.

We first rid the main door at the private lift lobby which is an unnecessary gantry considering there is another main door at the front of the lobby. The entry to the master bedroom is disguised with a clean row of pale wood panels and the striking green sills are diffused with thin, patterned sheer curtains. The layout is also tidied up with a concealed study corner, a sociable kitchen, and a glass-wall bathroom for increased natural light. Repeated color combinations of soft browns and metallic led us to a bright, neutral interior with a feathery touch of luxe.

Living room
Foyer (In front of lift)
Master bathroom
Living room
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