Client: Starhub Ltd
Address: 16 Tai Seng Street Level 2 & 3 Singapore
Size: 40,000 sqft

Singapore’s first fully integrated info-communications company.

This is our largest project to date for the company, having served as their consultant and designer since since 2007. After 11 years on, we continue to work with them. To consolidate StarHub’s call centre operations into a single office spread over two floors, we created this vibrant work space that keeps close to 500 employees energised during their round-the-clock operations. Beyond the clean, modernlooking entrance is an oval-shaped boardroom that oversees
the bustling call centre framed by high ceilings and patterned carpet. To ensure the office is well-lit, yet not harsh for the employees working 8-hour shifts in front of their computers, studies were conducted to find an alternative to throwing light directly down on them. Our solution bounces light from the ceiling to the workstations instead. Such considered interiors extend into the beautiful lounge where employees can access the outdoors via a balcony during their breaks. Throughout the office, StarHub’s distinctive green branding weaves in and out: as patterns on the floor, walls, ceilings, and even a seating sculpture that lights up like a bright idea.

Design layout
Waiting lounge
Call center
Pantry and collaboration area
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