Maybank Private Banking

Client: Malayan Banking Berhad
Address: Maybank Tower Level 18 Singapore
Size: 5,000 sqft

Since 2007, we have consulted on, designed and built a variety of interior projects for this bank. It all started with our concept for this prestigious private banking suite on the 18th-storey of their headquarters. To suit the tastes of its well-heeled clients, we brought the spirt of travel into the interiors. Clients “touch down” onto a carpet featuring a specially customised map of Asia showcasing how this Malaysian bank has branched out into the world. The journey continues in the waiting lounge, which offers spectacular views of the Singapore skyline while they await to travel to the various meeting areas. The boardroom is carpeted with a bird’s eye view of a city as if visitors are flying in by air. A meeting room overlooking Marina Bay is decked as if on a sea deck, complete with glass furniture that seemingly floats in between the sky-like ceiling and pool-like flooring. The adventurous traveller is not left out: a meeting room inspired by hot air balloon travel is installed with hanging lights, bubbly furnishings, and even a suspended chair that brings out the feeling of being on air.

Meeting room
Meeting room
Meeting room
Waiting lounge
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