Client: ARINC Incorporated
Address: 9 Temasek Boulevard Level 10 Suntec Tower 3 Singapore
Size: 14,000 sqft

The world leader in business aviation solutions, including flight planning, weather, communications, high-speed data, international trip planning, and fuel services.

Connecting people from one place to another is at the heart of this company’s operation, a philosophy expressed in this office’s network of modern and futuristic meeting rooms. Bring together these dynamic hubs that represent different countries is a ceiling of coffer lights, each pulsating different colours throughout the day to reflect ARNIC’s role as a network in facilitating the movement of people. To construct the “bubbly” meeting rooms, which are made entirely out of curved walls, we found inspiration from traditional Chinese lanterns and worked with specialists to deliver a unique feature the clients absolutely loved. This is why they nominated the office for Singapore’s prestigious President’s Design Award.

“The end result of their work has clearly given us a modern, dynamic, comfortable and efficient work environment which begins at the reception area. Our new premise has also become a ‘show piece’ and talking topic with visitors. The entire office layout strongly reflects the nature of our business: connect people from one place to another.”

—Joseph Chan, Finance Director, ARINC

Award display lounge
Meeting room
Meeting room
Corporate branding design
Ceiling detail
General office